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Hot Summer Wedding Cake Trends

If you’re scrambling at the last minute for a super chic wedding cake design idea, check out any of these latest summer wedding cake trends. Summer’s here and fall will be here before you know it, but there are plenty of hot summer wedding cake trends to go around, and you can always use these design ideas for a fall wedding, too. They work for weddings that fall under any of the four seasons, but they are especially popular right now, for summer occasions. To have a cake designed that exhibits any of these hot summer wedding cake trends, print out this information and bring clippings of some cake pictures you like, and then head on over to your cake baker or caterer to see if they can whip you up one of these trendy cakes for the day of your dreams. Squared Tiered Cakes- Cake tiers designed with square shapes are all the rage, especially when there are only three or four tiers. Three tiers is the norm because it’s a nice balance and suits a medium-sized wedding guest list, but you can always add four square tiers to make the cake design stand out a bit more, plus you’ll be able to feed more guests. Polka Dot Cakes- It’s all about the polka dots, baby. Regardless of the cake design you go for, decorating the cake with polka dot accents brings a feminine, retro and vintage vibe to the design. Buttercream Options- In recent years, many brides and grooms have been saying bon voyage to fondant cakes, and instead opting for delicious buttercream. This is definitely a wedding cake trend this summer, so if you want something yummy, whipped, and lightweight in texture, try a buttercream cake. Monogrammed Tier Height Cakes- Height cakes are increasing in popularity, and they are definitely one of the more extravagant summer wedding cake trends out there. They are composed of three or more tiers, and each tier is very tall, creating a tower-like effect. They are also combined with another wedding cake trend, repetitive monograms, which are made of the couple’s initials or last names, covering each tier in a checker-like pattern. As you search for that last minute summer wedding cake idea or begin planning your cake design for your fall wedding, borrow some of these hot summer wedding cake trends for design inspiration. Personal Wedding Websites from  
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