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Hot Photography Trends for Weddings

Brides and times are changing. As a result, weddings are changing. Find out about the hottest new photography trends for your wedding.

Hot photography trends for weddings have surfaced over the last few years. Brides are starting to desire a more “real” approach to their wedding. They want their wedding to be a close, intimate event, instead of something that seems overly planned. If you don’t want to commit to the stiff and stuffy old photography trends, then these hot photography trends for weddings will definitely peak your interest.

Guest Photographers

Some brides go completely casual with their wedding photographs, allowing the guests to take each and every one of them. The couple sets out small disposable cameras for their guests, instructing their guests to take as many pictures as they can. At the end of the wedding, the couple then collects all of the cameras and then develops the photos. With this hot photography trend for weddings, there aren’t any posed, stuffy photos. However, there could be a lot of missed moments because of poor photography, so consider this one carefully.

The Conventional Photographer, Redesigned

Another one of the hot photography trends for weddings is to redesign the way the photographer takes the photos. Couples will request a small handful of the posed photos so that they can have the conventional couple and family, brides and bridesmaids photos but the rest are all candid. They may request all black and white, sepia, color, or a mix of any combination.

Mix and Match

For many brides, this is the best hot photography trend for a wedding. Not only does the couple get the best quality photographs from the photographer, they also get more candid shots than the photographer could get on his own. It really allows you to have the best of both worlds.

Which One is Right for You?

It really can be hard to decide which of the hot photography trends for weddings is right for you. More than anything, consider your personality. What do you want to take away from your wedding? Consider things like your wedding theme, location, and your guest list. Talk about it together and discuss all of your options. This is the best way to choose which of the hot photography trends for weddings will best fit you as a couple.

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