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Head on Down to the Bayous for Your Oak Valley Plantation Wedding

Full of Southern charm and immersed in breathtaking elegance, Louisiana’s Oak Valley Plantation is the perfect location for a romantic destination wedding.

Whether you are a Louisiana native or you couldn’t be farther from the region on the map, Oak Valley Plantation is the ideal place to celebrate your wedding day. Located in Vacherie, Louisiana, it is a fair drive from either Baton Rouge or the New Orleans International Airport, and is surrounded by a number of accommodations for you and your guests. Not only are the surrounding accommodations plentiful, but Oak Valley Plantation offers its own bed and breakfast with cozy, quiet cottages. Staying at the bed and breakfast allows you to take sunny strolls around the beautiful plantation grounds or enjoy a fresh, delicious country breakfast.

Rich in history since the early 1700’s, Oak Valley Plantation is known for being a hot spot for filming movies, particularly the classic Bette Davis film Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte, and the Anne Rice novel adaptation, Interview with a Vampire. Numerous other television shows have also been filmed on its grounds, including Ghost Hunters, Nightrider, and the legendary soap opera, Days of Our Lives. There have also been countless ghost legends associated with the plantation, many of which have been extremely appealing to visitors over the years. Then there is of course the tragic history of slavery on the grounds, which is candidly addressed throughout your visit. You can find a wealth of information on this subject while you are there, and you will not only learn about the plantation itself and how it came to be, but will also have the chance to receive an all-around humbling, important and crucial history lesson regarding this cruel period of time.

Aside from the many significant historical events the plantation is known for, it has also become a huge wedding destination for many couples over the years. Recognized for its splendid Southern elegance and charming atmosphere, Oak Valley Plantation has offered superior wedding services for some time now, and it continues to grow in popularity. Equipped with a catering staff, florist and vendor referral services, and a stunning ceremony spot on the central plantation lawn, Oak Valley Plantation offers a wide range of services, providing the highest level of quality event planning to you and your guests. If you adore the old-fashioned romance of sweet Southern grandeur, consider celebrating your special day amidst the dramatic oak trees and spectacular plantation sunset at Oak Valley Plantation.

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