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Hair Brooch Wedding Trends

Whether you fancy something vintage or modern, you can have the best of both worlds by wearing a fabulous hair brooch on your wedding day.

Hair brooch wedding trends are sweeping across North America and Europe. They add a sense of elegance and style and can compliment almost any wedding dress. They are even worn in place of long, sometimes troublesome veils, and there are many different styles to choose from. If you are looking for a nice blend of vintage and modern in a hair accessory, a hair brooch may be just the touch you need.

Amongst the hair brooch wedding trends, family brooches are also popular; commonly made into hair pieces from family jewelry such as an heirloom. They add to the nostalgia and intimacy of the wedding, and are generally handmade by either the bride or a family member.

If you wish to use a family heirloom brooch for your hair wedding brooch, take time to look at some how-to articles on it. This can help to ensure that your hair brooch will stay together on your wedding day. Choosing a family heirloom for your hair brooch can make the day an even more memorable experience!

Hair brooch wedding trends have inspired the creation of hair brooches made from almost every valuable gem imaginable. Some designs are intricate, simple, or tailored to fit the theme of the wedding. Of the gems most commonly used, crystal and rhinestones seem to be the most popular.

Hair brooches also help to accentuate the bride’s hairstyle. Your hairstyle can be tied up and elegant, long and flowing, or simple in a low pony. Just be sure to choose a hair brooch that complements the hairstyle you have selected. If you choose something that doesn’t suit your hairstyle, you might have difficulty in getting the brooch to stay in place.

Let your hairdresser know that you plan to use a brooch for your wedding day. You may even want to bring it in to your appointment. This can help your hairdresser to create a hairstyle that will hold your brooch appropriately. He or she may even be able to make suggestions on how to bring more attention to your beautiful hair piece.

Wedding trends change often, but hair brooches are likely to stick around. They are simply elegant, and a timeless choice for brides. The family connections they can also provide us make them ideal for wedding day hair accessories. Hair brooch wedding trends are as classic as the Old Hollywood starlets and women who wore hair brooches decades ago.

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