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Go Under the Sea with a Nautical Wedding Reception Theme

Summer is right around the corner, and there’s no better time to take advantage of the season to have a nautical-themed wedding reception! A nautical wedding reception theme means many different things to many different brides. To some, a nautical theme may mean having a full-fledged beach wedding, complete with sandy beaches, lots of seashells, and palm tree or dolphin wedding favors. To others, this may mean having a cozy, intimate wedding at a tropical seafood restaurant near the local harbor. Defining Your Nautical Vision However you envision a wedding reception with a nautical theme, one thing is for certain. Your family, friends, and guests can feel immersed in an underwater oasis when they attend your wedding reception. Regardless of how overt or subtle you make your nautical theme, it can make a big impact on the look and feel of your special day, while enhancing the spirit of the warm, balmy summer season at the same time. Choose Decorations to Enhance Your Nautical Oasis If you’re thinking of having a nautical-themed wedding reception, you’re probably considering it for one of two reasons. Either you have a love for water, marine life, and the beach, or you simply love the color schemes, decorations, and the aesthetic look that the theme has to offer. Whatever your motivation, go for cool blue, beige, and white colors for your cake and floral arrangements, and opt for dresses or linens made of sheer, breezy materials to set the tone. You can continue to subtly enhance your nautical wedding reception theme by implementing boat, scuba, or sandcastle-style wedding favors and artwork, and you can even place marine-inspired picture frames with pictures of you and your spouse-to-be around the tables to add to the ambience. Talk to Your Vendors Aside from seaside-inspired colors, talk to your florist about how you can create a nautical feel with your bouquets and arrangements by using specific types of flowers, such as exotic flowers that are found on distinct tropical islands or near the seashore. However extravagant you plan for your occasion to be, start with the little things. Colors, materials, and flowers with nautical accents will set the stage for a full-blown nautical wedding reception theme. Free Personal Wedding Websites at
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