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Glitter Wedding DIY Projects

Glitter is very in right now, and it doesn’t have to look tacky or over the top. With the right sparkling additions, your wedding can be dreamy and whimsical. Here are a few great DIY projects that you can do alone or with your friends to make your wedding day even more beautiful.

Wedding Glitter Decor
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Glitter Table Numbers

You’ll want to pick up numbers from your local craft store for each table. You will also need ModgePodge, glitter, a small paint brush, hot glue and a flat candle holder for each number you have. These can be purchased from craft stores as well. Spray paint the candle holder in your contrasting color, and then brush the ModgePodge over the numbers (front and back) and roll them in your glitter. Allow them to dry for several hours before hot-gluing the number to the candle holder base. Voila – you have beautiful glitter table numbers that add just the right amount of sparkle to your tables.

Glitter Table Number
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Glitter Heart Flower Picks

These are a great addition to your centerpieces, and add a beautiful sparkle that will pick up the lights wonderfully. Simply tape a piece of card stock (in the shape of a heart) to a skewer. Now, brush glue over the paper heart and roll in your glitter. You can poke the skewers into floral foam and allow them to dry.

Glitter Hearts
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Glitter Star Garland

You can use the same process you used with the flower picks to create star garland that will look beautiful for your big day. Simply tape the star card stock shapes to string, then coat in glue and glitter. Hang to dry and you have a beautiful garland that will work well along tables, in doorways, or anywhere else.

Glitter Stars
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Use these ideas to think of other creative glitter wedding DIY projects that are fun and easy.

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