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Family Style Wedding Receptions Add Fun and Comfort to Your Wedding

If stiff dinner parties just don’t seem like your thing, and buffets make you think of hungry people waiting in line, a family style wedding reception may be just the compromise you are looking for! A family style reception can be a great alternative for many brides. For some, the formality of plated meals can seem stiff and cold. Buffet wedding styles can create a more casual atmosphere but guests are often forced to wait in line, hungry. This, too, can feel like a nightmarish event. A Family Feeling A family style reception is designed to create an atmosphere much like that of large family dinners. To effectively maintain the atmosphere, it is best to use smaller tables similar to the shape and size of a family dinner table. At each table, large platters of food are served. These platters are passed around to each guest, providing a relaxed and conversational atmosphere. Family Food Many family style reception menus feature family friendly foods like Italian or comfort foods. Although fried chicken, green bean casserole, and pasta do make great food choices for family style receptions, you do not have to limit your choices to these types of dishes. Your family style reception can reflect your family ethnicity or preferences. Chinese, Thai, even German cuisine can be a great menu choice for a family style reception. The idea is to have fun with it. As long as you serve the cuisine in the same manner to each guest, you accomplish the family style reception environment. Have Fun One of the main reasons that family style receptions appeal to brides is that they provide a fun and relaxed ambience. It allows the bride and her new husband to mingle freely amongst the guests. Laughter and smiles are part of the overall theme, right? So don’t be afraid to engage and have fun! When planning your wedding reception, consider what experience you want your guests to experience. What is important to you and your husband to be? If family, relaxation, and fun are important to you and your groom during the reception, then the family style reception will give you exactly what you were hoping for. Personal Wedding Websites from
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