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Express Yourself with Your Wedding Centerpieces

Your reception table centerpieces offer an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to expressing yourself on your wedding day. You wedding decor is an extension of who you are, so why not use your wedding centerpieces to display your bridal personality? 

Wedding centerpieces are a lot of fun to choose, allowing you to complement your wedding decor theme and express yourself at the same time. Whether you plan on using floral centerpieces or you’re bypassing flowers all together, we have some wedding centerpiece ideas that give you the option to express yourself and share your personality with your guests.

Non-floral centerpieces—This is a popular trend for wedding centerpieces. More and more brides are opting to bypass flowers all together for their reception table centerpieces, instead choosing eccentric arrangements made of various decorative elements.

Greenery only—If you aren’t crazy about flower wedding centerpieces but would still like some kind of foliage on your reception tables, consider adding different types of greenery. You can use potted plants, topiary designs, or you can use silk plants instead. Greenery adds a lush, warm touch to your tables without overwhelming them with floral arrangements.

Picture trees—This is another popular idea for wedding centerpieces, and one that can complement just about any wedding decor theme or style you choose. Use stylish picture trees to display pictures of you and the groom or your family and friends. You can find these trees at many home decor stores or you can build your own if you have a knack for arts and crafts.

Candle arrangements—This wedding centerpiece idea has been around for a while, and it’s still a popular choice for many brides and grooms. Candle arrangements are great because they can look extremely modern and abstract or very traditional and romantic, depending on the pillar styles and colors you choose. For example, one current candle arrangement trend is to position bright, neon candles in a variety of pillar lengths over a piece of glass or a mirror to create a stark, modern centerpiece.

Use these ideas for wedding centerpieces to express yourself on your big day.

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