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Essential Wedding Flowers that Every Bride Needs for Her Big Day

Choosing the right florist and signing the contract is only half of the battle. Once you choose a florist, it’s time to make sure you have all of the flowers you need to make your wedding day complete. Wedding flowers are an essential part of any wedding day, regardless of how large or small the occasion might be. Many brides enjoy hiring a florist and sitting down with them to decide on flowers for their special day, only to forget essential wedding flowers that they’ll need for their specific occasion. In most cases, a florist will be able to run you through a checklist to ensure you have whichever flowers you need, but many floral designers and décor services fail to bring all of the possibilities to the table and they expect you to make what you need clear. When the wedding flowers are left up to you, it helps to know what you need beforehand. Although determining what you need can be hard when you’re at the beginning or in the middle of the planning process, there are a few standard purposes your flowers will serve, so here are some basic aspects of your wedding day that will definitely require floral arrangements. Wedding Party Bouquets: Be sure to take all of your bridesmaids and groomsmen into account, along with the flower girl, if you’re going to have one. Also, be sure to mention if you plan on wearing any flowers in your hair. The Cake: Decide which kinds of flowers you want for your cake. You can choose from classic floral arrangement toppers, a cascading flower design, and many other options. Ceremony Arrangements: You’ll need flowers for your pews, chairs, or altar, and don’t forget about any central arrangements for display purposes. Reception Table Arrangements: Along with your basic centerpiece table arrangements, you’ll also need to decide on flowers for your buffet or gift table, the bar, and any entryway arrangements you’d like to have. Consider all of these floral arrangement needs and make notes before you meet with your florist, and you’ll be sure to successfully cover all of the essential wedding flowers you’ll need for your special day. Free Wedding Websites from
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