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Easy Tips for Reducing Camera Weight on Your Wedding Day

While you may know that the camera can add a little weight to your wedding photos, you may not know that there are some age-old tricks for reducing your camera weight that don’t involve dieting. Find out what they are and how you can use them to your benefit.

Reducing camera weight on your wedding day isn’t just about dieting. There are some camera tricks that can also help you cut away unwanted camera pounds instantly. Learn what these tricks are and how you can implement them with your wedding day photos.

Contrasting Colors

If your wedding dress and your wedding bouquet are both the same color, you might be shocked to learn that your bouquet will instantly make you look heavier than you really are. This is because of the way the camera and the human eye perceive the white on white. Instead of separating your bouquet and your dress, they blend into one. So to use this tip for reducing camera weight on your wedding day, make sure that you choose some colors that contrast with your wedding dress. You may also consider doing this for your bridesmaids so that they aren’t the victims of unwanted camera pounds.

Arm Position

In formal wedding photos, there will almost certainly be at least one that has you standing with one shoulder towards the camera. In these photos, it’s almost second nature to hold your arm against your body. Try standing in a mirror and mimic the exact pose. See what happens to your arm? Now, move your arm away from your body just a little. Notice how your upper arm becomes instantly slimmer? Reducing camera weight on your wedding day is as simple as that! Just don’t forget to show your bridesmaids for their photos as well.

Standing Tall

When you slouch, you instantly add weight to your body, both on camera and off. When you stand straight, however, your body is more proportioned. To use this tip for reducing camera weight on your wedding day, practice posture in the months leading up to your wedding day so that your back isn’t hurting by the end of the day.

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