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Décor Ideas for a Retro Style Wedding

Retro weddings are becoming increasingly popular. If this is the theme you have chosen for your wedding, then consider these great décor ideas to enhance this fun, vintage style. There are plenty of fun décor ideas for a retro style wedding, regardless of how formal or casual your ceremony will be. The decor can be funky or it can be a vintage style. The choice is completely up to you. Choosing Your Décor The first step to choosing your décor is to decide what type of retro style you are planning. Vintage weddings are becoming rather popular, but so are hippie style weddings. The choice is yours, but the retro style you choose will determine which décor ideas are right for you. The Thirties A thirties style wedding takes you and your guests back to a time when weddings were simple. People didn’t require a lot because of the Great Depression. However, there were still weddings and plenty of fun to go around! Décor ideas for a retro style wedding from the thirties should be simple. Vintage photos of singers and stars of the time can complement the theme. Use flowers that represent the area you live in, or peacock feathers, which were also very popular during the time. You can use these inside of centerpieces or at table place settings. Think Art Deco and flapper style. The Fifties During the fifties, Elvis was the hottest thing in music and in movies. Sock hops were a favorite past time, and drive-ins were all the rage. There are plenty of fun décor ideas for a retro style wedding during this era, such as poodle skirt place card holders or Elvis napkin ring holders. A fifties wedding theme can include a juke box, not only as the source of music, but also as a great piece of décor. Leather stools in place of chairs next to a milkshake counter can also add a really nice touch. You can even hang up black and white photos of popular stars from the era. The Seventies In the seventies, disco was in. Wedding décor for this wedding theme should include flashy and bright decorations. You may even want to hang a disco ball from the ceiling of the reception hall. There are many eras to choose from when choosing a retro wedding, and this list barely touches the surface. Choose the one that fits you and your personality the best. Backing your theme up with great ideas for a retro style wedding will ensure that your wedding will be a day to remember. Free Wedding Websites from
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