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Current Celebrity Wedding Trends

Everyone wishes they could be like a celebrity in some way, and it’s no different when it is time to plan our wedding. Some of these current celebrity wedding trends may help spark a few ideas for your upcoming wedding ceremony.

When a celebrity wedding is happening, everyone —no matter where they are on the globe—seems to know about it. It’s no wonder that the details of these celebrity weddings turn into current celebrity wedding trends. Suddenly, everyone wants to know about them and desires to create a wedding just like the one they saw in the gossip magazine.

Destination weddings are probably one of the most popular current celebrity wedding trends, which will probably always remain at the top of the “popular” list. Destination weddings never get old as there are so many beautiful, exotic places where you can celebrate an exciting wedding.

For example, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married in romantic Italy, while Paris, France was the city of choice for Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. Today, destination weddings aren’t just for the rich and the famous, even those that take place in the most remarkable and breathtaking countries and cities. It is more affordable today for anyone to have a gorgeous wedding in a beautiful, romantic city as well. And just think— you won’t be entertaining nearly as many guests as celebrities do, which means you are already spending less!

Another one of the current celebrity wedding trends is serving a tall cake- – actually, too tall of a cake. Apparently, Mariska Hargitay jumped on this trend, with a seven-foot tall masterpiece!  You don’t need such a large cake of course. A few different tiers with flowers placed between them, complete with a sophisticated cake topper will fit the bill perfectly. Still, the choice is yours. If you want the Leaning Tower of Pisa, by all means, knock yourself out.

Celebrities have also been spotted going all out on their table centerpieces, with huge water fountains or massive flower arrangements. They use the most expensive flowers of course, so you can always have smaller flower arrangements designed with more affordable flowers instead, or you can even use decorative bowls with bottoms lined with colorful rocks and floating candles.

As everyone is well aware, celebrities have no limitations on their spending budgets, so they can have whatever they want, whenever they want. While most of us don’t have unlimited funding options, we can still put on a heck of a wedding by borrowing inspiration from some of these current celebrity wedding trends!

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