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Creating a Wedding Website FAQ: Answering Guests’ Most Common Questions

A FAQ or frequently asked questions section on your wedding website is a wonderful idea. It allows guests to get answers to common questions without you needing to repeat yourself dozens of times. Here are a few important questions you should answer on your wedding website:

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How Do I Get to the Venues?

This is an important one, especially if you’ll have different venues for your wedding ceremony and reception. Give guests the directions to the venues, the phone numbers of the venues and the link to Google maps so they can make sure they know the route.

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Where Should I Park, and Will I Have to Pay for Parking?

In some areas, parking will be limited while others will have plenty of parking available for guests. Provide them with the location of the parking area and let them know whether there’s a cost to park in that specific area or not. Many guests arrive not knowing they have to pay for parking and not having correct change, not bringing their wallet, etc. Prevent this problem by answering in advance.

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Is There a Dress Code?

It’s really important to tell your guests whether you expect them to dress to go with your theme or not. Not having the answer to this question up could result in serious embarrassment for the guest!

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Will Transportation between Venues and to/from the Hotel Be Available for Out of Town Guests?

Many brides choose to do this for their family members who have come in from out of town to attending their wedding. It’s important to clarify what kind of transportation will be available and who exactly can take advantage of it.

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By adding these questions to your FAQ, you can ensure that guests have all the information they need!

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