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Common Wedding Cake Options Every Bride Should Know

Having trouble deciding on the right wedding cake option for your big day? Check out these common wedding cake types to find the perfect one for you. Picking out wedding cake options for your big day is a lot fun, but like choosing a dress, there are so many options out there that it can be hard to choose! If this is your first time picking out a wedding cake and you feel a little clueless, here are some of the most common wedding cake options to choose from and which type of wedding they suit best. Tiers Traditionally, tier cakes are a favorite. They are typically made of three or more tiers, or layers, that are round in shape and placed on top of one another to create a vertical effect. Tier cakes, while traditional, are also made with more modern motifs. You can choose to have as many tiers as you want, and they can be designed in a number of different shapes and styles. For example, square tiers are especially popular for modern weddings. Towers Yes, tiers look like towers, but a tower cake is also an entirely different kind of wedding cake. Towers are usually extraordinarily high cakes that “tower” above your guests, or they are made of smaller cakes, like cupcakes, and are placed on a tower tray with different tiers. Tall tower cakes are typically used for extravagant, lavish weddings, but cupcake tower platters are used for small, intimate weddings and large weddings alike. They are especially great for family-style receptions or for vintage weddings. Final Touches Once you decide which kind of tier, tower, or cupcake tower cake you’d like to have, you’ll have to decide which kind of frosting you’d prefer. Regardless of how elaborate or simple your wedding will be, the look of the frosting will dramatically change the look of your cake. The two most common kinds to choose from are buttercream and fondant. Both have very different textures and tastes. If you want icing that has a shiny finish that looks very smooth, fondant is the best choice. It looks very elegant and it is less messy than buttercream. It’s a favorite for modern, trendy brides who want their fashion-forward style reflected in their cake. In contrast, buttercream icing has a creamy look with a whipped texture, and it is very romantic looking. It is also fluffy, lightweight and tastes great. Talk to your cake baker about these wedding cake options and they will be able to assist you in selecting the perfect type of wedding cake for your special occasion. Personal Wedding Websites from
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