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Colored Wedding Gowns for the Daring Bride

If traditional white or ivory wedding gowns don’t appeal to you, consider wearing a bold colored gown that is far from the norm.

For many brides, the idea of a colored wedding gown makes their stomach churn. Any gown that is not blindingly white or elegantly ivory simply won’t do. Let’s face it. Many of us girls yearn to uphold the traditional image we have had in our minds since we were young. Whether it is a long flowing cathedral gown or a short modern gown, white and ivory just seem to be “the” way. As the 21st Century marches on however, so does the style evolution within the bridal fashion industry. Today you will find just about any color gown being worn down the aisle. More and more brides are embracing modern styles with bolder colors and avant-garde details.

Some of the most popular wedding gown colors aside from the traditional white and ivory are deep reds such as garnet or burgundy. These daring red hues are especially popular during Christmas time and on Valentine’s Day, although many brides are wearing them throughout the year. Wedding gown designers such as Mary’s Bridal offer many full ball gown styles that are crimson colored or even black for a romantic Gothic touch. It is not uncommon to find dark purples, reds, or black dresses that look similar to prom gowns being used as wedding gowns. Due to their stylish formality, they work just as well as the more traditional dresses.

Should you decide to wear a bold, colored wedding gown, be sure to consider coordinating the color of the gown to your bridesmaid dresses and ceremony décor, just as you would if you were wearing a traditional white dress. In fact, you may need to consider these factors even more so since the color will likely be more dominate and call more attention. Although it is more distracting than a regular white or ivory gown, distracting isn’t always a bad thing—especially for a bride who wants all eyes on her on her big day. You can achieve a head-turning look with a colored gown but still maintain a classy ensemble when matched with the proper accessories and décor. If unconventional is your style, consider wearing a colored wedding dress and set your own trend! Let your invited guests decide. Run a poll on your wedding website.

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