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Choosing Wedding Shoe Ideas for Your Summertime Wedding

If you haven’t picked out shoes for your summertime wedding, it’s time to explore some wedding shoe ideas. Your summer wedding is right around the corner!

It’s hard to believe, but the summertime is here and it’s time to pick out some wedding shoe ideas for your summertime wedding if you haven’t already! Depending on where you live, getting married in the summer can be pretty uncomfortable, even if you’re getting married indoors, with air conditioning. Wedding attire isn’t ideal for hot, humid temperatures, so the ensemble you choose can make a big difference in your comfort level throughout the day.

Design Matters

When choosing wedding shoe ideas for your summertime wedding, it’s important to remember that your shoe design needs just as much attention as your dress design. This is not only important due to the style of the shoe, but also because the design you choose will impact your comfort level for better or for worse. If you made it a priority to pick out a gown with comfortable materials for the hot weather, then you should do the same when it comes to wedding shoe ideas!

What Works and What Doesn’t

Ideally, any type of sandal works great for a summertime wedding, and the more open the sandal design is, the more comfortable you’ll be. Giving your feet plenty of ways to breathe is important, especially with those sweltering temps outside! Choose a sandal with thin straps across the feet, or at least an open heel and an open toe.

If you’re getting married on the beach, a flat sandal or one with a wedge is a must. Regardless of where you’re getting married, it’s best to avoid any closed-toe designs or styles that are made of satin. These styles will make your feet sweat and will feel very uncomfortable during the summer. You can always choose to wear a more formal, closed-toe design for the ceremony, and then slip into sandals that expose most of your feet for the remainder of the day. Keep these wedding shoe ideas in mind with the shoes your bridesmaids will wear as well.

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