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Choosing the Right Wedding Accessories for Your Ensemble

Your accessories complete the look of your wedding ensemble. Learn how to choose the perfect accessories to complement your overall look, without drawing attention away from your gorgeous gown! Choosing the right accessories for your wedding ensemble can complete and complement your overall look, but you don’t want to distract from your dress. Each piece is a direct reflection of your individual style and personality, and understanding the importance and impact of each accessory can help you choose wisely. Defining Accessories The term accessory refers to everything except your dress. This includes shoes, jewelry, veil, hair brooches, gloves, sash, and bouquet. Although you may not wear all of these items, chances are you will wear some of them. Without accessories, your look will be incomplete. Consider the Overall Theme of Your Wedding Choosing the right accessories for your wedding ensemble begins with considering the overall theme of your wedding. This is a clear indication of your style and personality. It will also ensure that your wedding theme stays consistent, from start to finish.  Possible themes would include chic and modern, timeless, cute and casual, or romantic and shabby chic. Classic Romance Choosing the right accessories for your wedding ensemble when you have a romantic theme can be easy when you think of fairy tales. A long, flowing veil, crystal or rhinestone earrings, and a bouquet elaborated with crystals can give you the fairy tale look you are going for. You might even consider a tiara headpiece instead of a veil, or both, depending on your taste. Chic and Modern Chic and modern weddings are based on looks that are very in vogue. This means you can find ideas by browsing the latest trends. Faceted stone chandelier earrings or ruched knot pumps can easily be great choices for your modern and chic wedding. Timeless Timeless or classic weddings take you back to a time when things were simpler, with a slightly modern twist. Crystal and rhinestone earrings will catch the light and add classic elegance to your wedding ensemble, or a floral ribbon headband can be used in place of a veil. Don’t forget vintage looks like birdcage veils or Art Deco style jewelry. Cute and Casual This is a perfect look for almost any bride and is easy to accommodate, since less is more. Flats or peep-toe sling-back sandals bring a casual look to your ensemble, and short elbow length veils or floral styled hairpins are a cute and flirty way to keep things low-key. Just remember to add something slightly elegant to your ensemble to avoid looking too casual. Personal Wedding Websites from
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