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Choosing a Color Theme for Your Big Day

Think choosing something as simple as a color theme for your wedding is easy? Not always. Here are some tips to help you pick the right colors for your big day. The right color theme for your big day says a lot about you and your wedding. In fact, a color theme says a lot more about a bride’s personality than you may give it credit for. Choosing the right color theme for your big day is about more than simply picking colors that look pretty together. It’s also about more than choosing a design theme just for the sake of choosing a certain type of décor. The right color theme for your big day certainly helps make your ceremony and reception look aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps set the tone and the mood of the entire occasion. Additionally, it expresses your bridal personality and your personal style preferences. If you want to create a special ambience that is unique to your personality, while at the same time sharing your unique style with your guests, then choosing the right color theme for your big day can help you accomplish this. Keep the Theme Consistent One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing your colors is to make sure the theme stays consistent. If you choose deep purples and ivories for your bouquet colors, then try to integrate those exact shades into the cake, linens, and favors as well. Keep the Theme Balanced A part of keeping your color theme consistent also means keeping it balanced. Whatever you do, don’t go crazy with matching colors or overdo it with too much color. Try to keep your color patterns subtle, yet noticeable. This will create a uniform look that is both elegant and unique. Express Yourself Keeping consistency and balance in mind, don’t forget to express yourself. Although you want to make sure your color themes are chic and classy, feel free to be as bold as you’d like with your choices. Stay true to your personal taste, and don’t be afraid to choose themes that may be a little off the wall if it means showing your personality. Keep these things in mind when choosing a color theme for your big day. Personal Wedding Websites from
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