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Bride and Groom Differences in Opinion: How to Compromise on Wedding Style

Are you and your partner struggling to agree on wedding style as you plan your wedding day? No matter what differences you come across, here are some common disagreements couples have and how to compromise without sacrificing too much on either side.

It’s not uncommon for a bride and groom to have differences in opinions on wedding style, but the important thing is to know how to compromise when you come across those roadblocks. Some grooms could care less about the floral arrangements. They could care less about what tie they’re wearing, or even the flavor of the cake or colors of the table linens. And some couples want to be equally involved with every aspect. This is often when problems arise—when both parties are equally invested and have specific visions of what their wedding day should look and feel like.

Here are some common wedding style disagreements that arise and how to compromise to keep everyone happy:

Different tastes in ceremony or reception locations—If you can’t seem to decide on a ceremony or reception location, write down every quality you desire and why you desire it. Then begin searching for locations that accommodate the qualities you both are looking for. This is where you’ll find middle ground.

Different wedding attire preferences—When it comes to wedding attire, if your groom wants a certain ring or likes a certain tux style and you don’t, try loosening the reigns a bit no matter how unpleasant it may be. Unless he wants to wear a clown suit to your vintage-style wedding, it won’t hurt to let him choose what he’d like to wear and what the groomsmen should wear! If your concern is color, let him know that it’s important to you and let him choose something that is his style and how he’ll complement the colors you have in mind.

Decor blues—Another common area of wedding style that many couples disagree on is the decor. If you or your partner has drastically different taste when it comes to floral arrangements, wedding favors, furniture, or color schemes, the best way to find common ground is to combine your preferences. You’ll have to be careful to avoid any clash in style, but you can find ways to blend what you like.

For example, come to an agreement on wedding colors, and then let one person choose the cake design and the other choose the flower types, or the groom can choose the favors while the bride picks out the table linens. Compromising on wedding style can be tough, but it’s not impossible when you’re both willing to bend and sacrifice a little control here and there.

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