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Bridal Registry Options for Your Wedding Day

Excited to start planning your bridal registry but aren’t sure where to begin? Here are some basic bridal registry options you can choose from for your special day.

Setting up your bridal registry is a lot of fun, but if you’re confused about the many bridal registry options to choose from, you might not know where to begin. Many brides love to set up bridal registries that request certain items for the home, while others prefer to keep things simple by requesting monetary gifts. Still, some brides prefer not to receive gifts at all and choose to set up a registry that accepts donations for a certain charity that they care about.

Whatever route you decide to go with, first familiarize yourself with some of the following basic bridal registry options to determine which one is right for you and your partner:

Home Goods—A bridal registry that is made up of a list of items you’d like for the home is one of the most common, popular bridal registry options to choose from. This is an ideal option if you are moving into a new home together or if one person plans on moving in with the other and leaving some of their belongings behind.

Honeymoon Funds—Another popular bridal registry option that is becoming more and more accessible to brides, grooms, and wedding guests alike is a honeymoon registry, which is an excellent option if you really want or need financial help with your honeymoon travel plans. Guests can contribute financially to everything from your room service and airfare to your luggage and accommodations.

Charity Funds—If you and your partner have certain organizations in mind that you’d like to give to, choosing a registry that allows your guests to give charitable donations is the perfect registry option. You can also combine this registry option with some of the other registry types. For example, many wedding websites today allow brides and grooms to customize their registries and to choose two different kinds of registries. This allows their guests to decide which bridal registry options they’d like to give to.

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