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Borrow Bridal Style from Celebrity Weddings

You may not be able to live like the stars, but you can fashion your wedding day after them by borrowing some of the hottest celebrity bridal looks and décor ideas! From cakes and reception décor to bridal gowns and hairstyles, borrowing bridal style from various celebrity weddings is a fun way to be inspired and get your glam on. Celebrities are the kings and queens of glamour, and they know how to pull all the stops to create a show-stopping wedding. True, they may have millions of dollars and the top wedding coordinators on their side to create such glamorous affairs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t borrow some inspiration from their wedding day to create your own luxurious occasion on a budget! Attire Some of the hottest Hollywood bridal attire trends as of late include lots of vintage and retro-inspired looks. From lace and birdcage veils to cocktail bridesmaid dresses, vintage is back. Just a few years ago, the world took notice when Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl sported a chic birdcage veil, and it seems like the bridal world has embraced all-things-vintage ever since. Netted veils are elegant and super sexy, and they work great with cocktail-style gowns or any retro-style gown. You can also pair one with a sleek, modern gown of your choice, and top it off with an Art Deco brooch or hair clip. Location, Location, Location Backyard receptions and ceremonies taken place at home have been all the rage recently, even in Hollywood. But some stars still opt for lavish, romantic weddings in the kind of faraway lands we only dream about. Remember when the lovely Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise? They said their vows in a breathtaking 15th century castle in Bracciano, Italy. Last year, actress Emily Blunt tied the knot in Como Italy, and Penelope Cruz was married in the Bahamas. To celebrate like the stars at home, consider marrying on a local beach or at a historic church or museum in your hometown. When you choose a luxurious location, you don’t need to spend a fortune on decorations or floral arrangements, because your surroundings do all of the work for you. Location and bridal attire are only a few of the many aspects you can borrow celebrity style from for your wedding day. Free Personal Wedding Websites from
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