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Beach Weddings Versus Cruise Ship Weddings

Having trouble deciding between a beach wedding and a cruise ship wedding? Check out the pros and cons of each option before you make a decision.

Taking the time to research beach weddings versus cruise ship weddings is a good way to decide which option is right for you and your big day. Many couples opt for a cruise ship wedding because they usually entail both beach and boating time, while others like the beachfront exclusivity that a beach wedding has to offer. If you have your heart set on getting married near the water, both options offer tons of great advantages.

Keep the following factors in mind when comparing beach weddings versus cruise ship weddings:

Affordability—If budget is an issue for you, both beach weddings and cruise ship weddings are very affordable, sometimes even more affordable than a local, traditional wedding. You can find cruise ship wedding packages for as little as $800, and many of these packages include all of the necessities, including the flowers, cake, and ceremony fees. However, certain cruise lines may cost more for both you and your guests, whereas beach weddings range greatly in price and may be less expensive if you choose a beach or seashore location that is nearby.

Seasickness—With a cruise ship wedding, it’s inevitable. Someone you might want to attend your wedding might get sick while out on the open sea. Not everyone can handle traveling on a cruise ship. While you shouldn’t bypass your dreams of a cruise ship wedding to cater to the possibility of some of your guests getting sick, it’s still a good idea to take seasickness into consideration. This is a factor that can make comparing beach weddings versus cruise ship weddings an easier decision.

Travel—Another factor to consider when comparing beach weddings versus cruise ship weddings is the travel factor for your guests. If you marry on a cruise ship, depending on the length of the cruise, some guests may not be able to attend because they cannot be away for too long. Having a beach wedding allows your guests to pick up and fly home when they need to, as opposed to some cruise ship weddings, which might require you to be on-board for a few days at a time, in between stops to various islands. Keep travel plans in mind when comparing beach weddings versus cruise ship weddings.

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