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Backyard Weddings are Back in Style

Whether you have a beautiful garden to show off or you’d like to save some money on a reception location, a backyard wedding can be the ultimate place to celebrate your big day!

With vintage and retro style weddings becoming increasingly popular lately, backyard weddings have also made their mark as one of the top wedding trends of the year. Brides and grooms everywhere are moving away from the fancy, formal hotel ballroom wedding receptions and are instead making themselves comfortable in their own backyards to celebrate their special day. If your budget is stretched pretty thin and you believe you have the room to accommodate the number of guests you plan on inviting, hosting your event in your backyard or your family’s backyard can be an excellent way to save some cash and bring an aura of intimacy to your wedding.

One of the nicest things about having a backyard wedding is the convenience it offers you. Not only are you not paying a costly fee to another reception location, but provided you have the proper gathering space, you can host both your ceremony and your reception all in one place, right in the comfort of your own home. Backyard weddings are ideal for smaller sized weddings as you will not only have to account for space for your guests in the yard, but space for parking as well. You can easily hire a caterer for your home, a floral designer, or any other vendor you may need. Virtually any service you may need at a traditional reception location, you can arrange to be provided at your own home.

Another appeal of a backyard wedding is the intimate atmosphere it provides. Whether you have a large area on a southern plantation or a quaint fenced-in yard in suburban New Jersey, any size yard can provide a charming, cozy environment for a very personal affair. You can choose to be as formal or as casual as you’d like. Many couples have laid-back events with short tea length dresses while they fire up a barbeque, while others opt for tuxedos and chapel length trains with dramatic floral arrangements. Vintage and shabby chic style décor looks lovely in a backyard wedding, such as cherub water fountains, hydrangea arrangements placed in hanging rustic birdcages, or hand-painted, aged archways to act as a covering where you can say your vows. All of these ideas and more make for a convenient, romantic, and unique backyard wedding.

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