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Are Bridal Registries Mandatory?

Do you have to have a bridal registry to receive gifts on your wedding day? What are the pros and cons and should they matter to you and your partner? We answer those questions and more right here.

Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to start researching bridal registries, but there are definitely some advantages to doing so if you plan on asking for specific types of presents. Many couples today don’t need items for the house or they’d prefer to give to charity instead of collect monetary gifts on their wedding day. The way to receive gifts and the types you receive vary greatly and the options are endless.

Keep the following in mind as you decide on the right bridal registry for you or whether or not you even need one:

Bridal registries make gift giving easy—One of the nicest advantages of using a registry is that you are able to receive gifts easily and guests are able to give you those gifts just as easily. You can choose one of your favorite stores and select items you need for the house, and guests can simply look at the list on-line and shop for you right from their own homes.

There are bridal registries for just about everything—If you or your partner aren’t crazy about receiving gifts from a department store or don’t need items for the house, it’s not a problem. There are bridal registries available for just about everything nowadays, including charity registries that allow your guests to make donations to a cause you care about on your behalf and even honeymoon registries to help you pay for your travel expenses.

Do you have your heart set on specific items?—Bridal registries are designed to help you and your partner get the gifts you want and need with ease and to make the giving process more convenient for your guests. If you really need a new car, want money for your honeymoon, or are moving into a new place and need items for the house, signing up for a bridal registry is worth considering.

Bridal registries can be very helpful tools to use for your wedding day, but the method you choose to receive gifts is entirely up to you and your partner.

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