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A Recycled Wedding: 5 DIY Ideas

So you’ve heard of these brides who end up creating everything themselves and getting married for $30 and throwing a reception for $12.50. Whether you’re trying to save money or you’re eco-conscious, you too can create some fantastic wedding items using recycled stuff. You may not get away with a free wedding, but you can certainly conserve. Here are 5 DIY ideas for a recycled wedding.

Recycled Invitations

Find your favorite homemade paper tutorial and create some beautiful recycled invitations. These are perfect for any theme and will lend an artistic feel to the invitations, impressing your guests. Plus, you won’t be contributing to paper waste.

Recycled Paper Wedding Invitation
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Recycled Centerpieces

Collect a bunch of glass containers and then spray-paint them all the same color. Use them to hold your wedding flowers or even as candleholders for your centerpieces.

Recycled Centerpieces with Glass Jars
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Recycled Lanterns

Your old glass jars can be cleaned and painted with whatever color paint you’d like. Then, use gold or silver puff paint to create filigree designs. Tie thin wire around the top and hang for a recycled lantern that is very boho-looking.

Recycled Lanterns with Mason Jars

Recycled Bouquet

Look through old clothes and even bedding to collect fabric. Then, find a high-quality fabric flower tutorial and use the fabric to create fabric bouquets. You can create an eco-friendly bouquet and get rid of some clothing clutter at the same time.

Recycled Fabric Bouquet
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Let these DIY eco-friendly wedding projects inspire you to come up with a way to recycle as many aspects of your wedding as possible.

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