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5 Wedding Day Makeup Ideas

Your wedding day makeup style and colors will depend upon your theme, the dress you’re wearing and even your hair. Check out these 5 beautiful wedding day makeup ideas that look great on everyone!

Soft and Natural

This is perfect for a wedding in the middle of the day and combines subtle tones that highlight your natural beauty without making you look “over done.” To accomplish this look, simply use your regular base and powder, then choose soft tones for the eyelid and cheeks. Apply a small amount of mascara but no eyeliner.

Natural Makeup
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For this dramatic look, simply create “wings” with a liquid eyeliner after applying a light shadow. Continue from the wings across the eyelid directly above the lashes. Apply mascara and choose a bold red lipstick color. This is a beautiful look for an evening wedding and great for dramatic themed weddings.

Bold Makeup
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Smoky Eyes

This look is wonderful for dark eyes and has a dramatic feel without being over the top. Simply put on a subtle and pretty shadow color like warm pink or brown. Then, line your eye with liner and use a black shadow right behind the eyeliner. Smudge slightly and use a warm blush and lip gloss to finish the look.

Smokey Eye Makeup
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This look is beautiful and has a vintage, classic feel. Simply apply a light colored shadow and then line the top of the eye with a tiny wing. Use a white liner on the bottom of the eye and apply gloss or a light lip tint.

Vintage Makeup
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Flirty Makeup

Get this pretty and fresh look by applying a feminine color to the eyes (think pinks and purples) and then highlighting with a shimmery white (at the brow bone and the inside corners of the eye). Then, use a pretty, girlish pink blush and lipstick. The overall look is charming and perfect for any girl.

Flirty Makeup

Use these ideas as inspiration for your own wedding makeup, while making sure it matches your theme, hair and dress!

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