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5 Tips for Bridal Dress Shopping

Bridal dress shopping is high on the list of priorities for any new bride—in fact, it’s one of the biggest highlights of planning a wedding occasion! Here are some tips to help you land your dream dress.

Every new bride can benefit from learning some tips for bridal dress shopping. From the moment you are engaged, you are catapulted into a whirlwind of planning tasks, and finding and investing in the perfect dress is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make. To make sure you land that perfect dress, keep the following tips in mind:

Learn the basics—Before you begin shopping, familiarize yourself with the different dress types, fabrics, and silhouettes. Chances are you’re already looking through bridal magazines for ideas, but get to know the names and types of gowns that catch your attention so you can begin the process of elimination.

Attend at least one bridal show—Even if you don’t have much time to plan, try to attend at least one bridal show in your area. Attending one is a great way to get ideas before you go bridal dress shopping.

Set limits—Although you’ll hear over and over again to take your time and try on thousands of different dresses, there really is such a thing as too many options. Try on as many different dresses as you’d like, but set yourself a limit or you’ll never be able to make a decision and will constantly second-guess your decision.

Don’t torture yourself—Speaking of limits, allowing your decision-making process to drag on and on is tiring and stressful. Don’t put yourself through unnecessary stress. Once you’ve narrowed your selection down, make a commitment and know that you did your very best to try on as many styles as possible, at as many boutiques as possible. Get off the fence and you’ll feel better when you finally choose “the one.”

Make your fittings count—When you finally do choose a dress, make sure you get the most of it by making your fittings count. You should have at least three fittings and then one final fitting before the big day. Attend each once and don’t hesitate to ask for alterations until your gown is exactly as you want it. This is an important part of the bridal dress shopping process.

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