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5 Things Every Bride Should Have on the Big Day

As the day of your wedding approaches, you’ve done everything possible to make sure the details come together to create a beautiful day. However, sometimes things pop up at the last minute and you’re left to deal with it. Here are 5 important things that can help fix any wedding day crisis.

1. Super Glue

Super glue can be a serious help if an emergency occurs on your wedding day. It can fix the heel of a broken shoe, help you reattach a fingernail, fix broken décor, and so much more. Keep a tube inside your wedding day bag so you can get to it easily.

2. Tissues or a Handkerchief

Few brides are likely to make it through the big day without shedding a few tears. To keep that beautiful wedding day makeup from running, keep a few tissues or a handkerchief inside your bag in a handy location.

3. Breath Spray or Mints

When it comes time to kiss your husband in front of a crowd, you want to make sure your breath is as good as it gets! You also have to factor in the dances you’ll be sharing with the whole family during the reception. Keep those mints handy to make sure your breath is great.

4. Snacks

One of the best things to keep in your wedding day bag is a healthy snack. Think granola bar or trail mix that will provide you energy when you start to get tired or hungry. Sometimes, the bride will have large amounts of time between meals, and with all the nervous energy and excitement, it can be easy to run low on energy.

5. Miniature Sewing Kit

Finally, a miniature sewing kit can fix emergencies like a rip in a dress or tuxedo. Keep one on hand for emergencies so you can attend to them properly and quickly.

Overall, these are the most important items you’ll want to carry with you. Make sure you keep track of your wedding day bag so you can find it in a moment if needed.

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