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5 Sweet Wedding Ideas That Will Make Your Day Memorable

Your wedding day will be special no matter what – it’s the day you become one with your spouse. However, if you’re looking for some wonderful ways that will make your wedding extra special, we’ve got them for you. Check out these 5 sweet wedding ideas that will make your day memorable.

Dedicating the Bouquet

If there is someone you really want to recognize at your wedding, why not have two bouquets: the authentic one that you carry and then dedicate to that particular individual, and then the bouquet that you actually toss? You can dedicate the bouquet just before the toss, which will be very touching and sweet for the recipient.

Parents’ Wedding Portraits

Obtain a photo of the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents on their wedding day if possible and put them in beautiful frames next to the cake.

Parent's Wedding Photo Beside Wedding Cake
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During the walk down the aisle, the groom should present his mother and the mother of the bride with special flowers and as the bride walks down the aisle, she presents the father of the groom with a flower and at the end of her walk with dad, presents him with a special flower as well. This is a great way to recognize the parents and honor them during the ceremony.

Tears of Joy

Use this couple’s sweet idea and place vintage handkerchiefs in baskets with a sign nearby that says “tears of joy.”

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The Pre-Wedding Photo

Finally, this wedding photo is a sweet touch. This is for before the wedding, when the groom can’t see the bride. Who says they can’t touch, though? Get a picture holding hands on either side of a door!

Before the Wedding Photo

These are just a few sweet touches that will make your wedding day ultra special to you and your guests!

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