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5 Obscure Tips to Make Sure Your Wedding Photos Come Out Great

Most brides know the most important tips for great photos, like having the right makeup and looking natural, but there are some obscure tips that most brides don’t even consider. However, they’re important when the time comes.

The Pretty Hanger

Your photographer is going to want to get photos of your dress before you put it on. Make sure you have a pretty hanger or your wedding dress shot will be spoiled by the neon plastic hanger you have it stored on! Go with a scrolled metal or a fabric-covered hanger for the most beautiful shot.

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Bride Hanger
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Avoid Experimenting

Your wedding day shouldn’t be the day you try that new hairstyle or make-up style. There’s just too much at risk. If you end up hating your look and don’t have time to change it, those facts will be forever documented in your wedding photos. Practice beforehand to determine the exact look you want, so there will be fewer surprises on your wedding day.

The Lighting

Your photographer will be responsible for taking beautiful pictures, but in some conditions, photographers have no control. For instance, fluorescent lighting makes everyone look bad, no matter how beautiful they are. People look best in natural light or warm artificial light. Keep this in mind when choosing the wedding venue.

Disposable Cameras

Provide disposable cameras for your guests may be a great way to get unique pictures. Fill out little cards that tell your guests what kinds of shots you want, and you’ll be sure to get the best possible picture of the shot.

Disposable Wedding Cameras
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Get a Good Night’s Rest

Try to rest well, so your natural beauty will shine. The last thing you want is dark circles and tired eyes in your wedding photographs. If you can’t get enough sleep, check out beauty routines that will freshen you and awaken you and your skin. Cold cucumbers on the eyes, an ice water bath for the face, or a freshening mask might work.

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By using these tips, you can make sure your wedding photos come out really wonderfully!

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