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5 Hilarious Wedding Themes

So maybe for your own wedding you’re going to stay more on the traditional side of things, or maybe you’re going to do the complete opposite. No matter what your own wedding theme will be, you can enjoy these 5 hilarious wedding themes!

The Superhero Wedding

Imagine walking down the aisle in a cape and mask. This superhero wedding cake looks as though it would belong to just such a wedding. It’s certainly not traditional, but you have to admire the skill of the baker.

Superhero Wedding Cake
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ATV, anyone?

This couple must have really loved their ATVs, as you can tell by the wedding cake. No, this isn’t the groom’s cake! It comes complete with sand hills and tiny ATVs that look like they’re attempting to tackle those hills.

Wedding Cake with ATV
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Apparently, this couple was really into the Bioshock video game. Here’s hoping the bride actually loved her cake and wedding theme.

Bioshock Wedding Cake
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Zombie Wedding

This funny wedding theme may not be something you’re considering, but you have to admit that it’s entertaining. Note that in this picture, the wedding party is being consumed by zombies.

Zombie Wedding
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Hunting Wedding Theme

Sure, there are a lot of hunters out there but how many choose to use the theme for their wedding? We’re guessing not many. Still, it’s nice to know someone else has chosen to take the leap.

Hunting Wedding Cake
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Maybe you’re thrilled at one of these themes and have decided to adopt it as your own, or maybe you’re horrified and need to thumb through your wedding planning book just to cleanse these images from your mind. In either case, these ideas can serve as inspiration for your own wedding.

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