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5 Funny Wedding Picture Ideas

If you’re the type of couple who really enjoys laughing, then you’re going to love these funny wedding picture ideas. These are great for the couple with a real sense of humor, and will be hilarious to look back at years later.

Friends Style Wedding Party Picture

This funny wedding party picture looks like it could be from a movie cover. It’s clever and fun and although set-up would take a few minutes, it’s totally worth it.

Unique Wedding Party Photo
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Goofy Faces

Why take yourself so seriously? Have a group gather to take a picture and make it really hilarious by making funny faces. This may not be the picture you want to have created into a canvas to hang above the mantel, but it will be treasured nonetheless.

Funny Face Wedding Photo

He’s Getting Away!

This funny wedding picture seems to take after the popular wedding cake toppers where the bride is pulling back the unwilling groom. It’s funny and can be done either way (groom pulling bride, bride pulling groom).

Funny Groom Getting Away Photo
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Fun Props

Whether its colored sunglasses or sombreros, pictures taken with fun props can be absolutely priceless.

Fun Props Wedding Photo
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Silly Boys

Get funny pictures of the groomsmen to remember through the years. Boys are usually so silly that you can just tell them you want to take funny pictures and they’ll handle the rest!

Silly Groomsmen Wedding Photo
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These great ideas for funny pictures are just a few that should be captured by your photographer. They’re sure to become some of your favorite pictures from the big day.

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