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4 Sweet Wedding Additions

Have you ever looked through Pinterest or Facebook and saw wedding pictures that brought on a serious case of the teary-eyes? You might have thought to yourself, “What a great idea!” Well, here are 5 of those ideas that make fantastic wedding additions, and great pictures, too!

This is How the Story Begins

Hang a banner that says “this is how our story begins” at the beginning of the aisle. This is a beautiful idea and your guests will love it. Your bridesmaids can remove one side when it’s time to walk down the aisle, but make sure your photographer gets a great picture first.

Wedding Sign Idea
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A Curtained Ceremony

Have curtains at the front of the ceremony venue that will be pulled back when it’s time to say your vows. This is a sweet idea that really adds focus to the bride and groom.

Curtained Ceremony
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Football Toss

Have your hubby place the garter over a football and toss that to his groomsmen! What a cute twist on a tradition that will have your guests chuckling.

Football with Garter wrapped around it
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Groomsmen Bridesmaids

This is such a cute and funny picture of the groomsmen acting as the bridesmaids. This picture will provide many laughs through the years! It’s a must-get.

Bride with the Groomsmen
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These are super cute ideas that are very aww-worthy! There are many more of these fantastic ideas but these were definitely worth mentioning here. Browse through wedding photos and fun wedding shower photos to find other must-do’s for your wedding.

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