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3 Touching Things to Post on Your Wedding Website

You may be inviting family and friends from out of town or out of state to your wedding, and one of the best ways to keep them updated is through your wedding website. Here are 3 touching things you might want to consider posting on your wedding website.

Your Proposal Video – Were you lucky enough to have your proposal video taped? If so, this is a wonderful thing to include on your wedding website. The individuals who weren’t present for the proposal can be a part of the magic moment and share in the joy and fun of the proposal.

Your Song – Another wonderful thing to post on your wedding website is your song. Most couples have a song that is the “theme” of their relationship, or one that seems to describe their love. Sharing your song with your friends and family is touching and very sweet.

Pictures – Everyone loves pictures and your wedding website should be full of them! Post baby pictures of the two of you for comparison, pictures you took while dating, silly pictures, sappy pictures…post them all! This is a great way to bring your family and friends into the celebration and allow them to get to know more about the love story that belongs to you and your future spouse.

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Wedding websites are becoming more popular because couples are able to share their touching moments, their story, and all the little things that are so amazing about their relationship. Your friends and family are sure to love seeing these wonderful posts!

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