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3 Tips to Avoid Wedding Planning Burnout

The wedding planning process can often feel like a whirlwind. No matter how large or small your occasion might be, putting it all together can be downright overwhelming, and it can lead to bridal burnout in a flash. Use these three essential tips to avoid burning the candle at both ends.

It’s bound to happen to even the most organized bride—wedding planning burnout. Even brides who have a wedding planner at their disposal experience wedding planning burnout, and even the smallest wedding events can wreak havoc on your stress levels and peace of mind. Between securing vendors and preparing for family visits, there are a number of time-consuming wedding planning tasks that can bog you down.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the wedding planning process, and before you know it, you’re completely exhausted. Running yourself down is never a good idea, especially if you want to feel and look your best on your big day and if you want your event to run smoothly from start to finish.

To avoid wedding planning burnout, use these three tips:

Delegate—Even if you have a wedding planner helping you manage all of your wedding planning tasks, it’s still important to turn to friends and family members to help you relieve some of the wedding planning burden. Friends can help you with simple tasks, such as making additional phone calls or giving you a ride to a cake tasting. Every little bit helps, and you’ll definitely feel the difference as the big day draws near!

Get ahead of the game—Whether you have three months or a year to plan your wedding, one of the best ways to avoid wedding planning burnout is to not only start planning early, but to put together an organized to-do list. Make sure it’s as specific as possible, and start checking tasks off the list as soon as you can. Whatever you do, don’t procrastinate. Putting off tasks or tackling them all at the last minute will lead to wedding planning burnout.

Don’t forget downtime—One reason many brides face wedding planning burnout is because they forget to take time to relax during the wedding planning process. Make it a priority to work some downtime into your schedule as you plan your wedding, and you have a much better chance at avoiding wedding planning burnout.

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