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3 Genius Wedding Tips That Will Make Your Wedding Day Better

While you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to get stressed out and to worry about whether the day will be perfect like you hope. The easier you can make things on yourself, the better it will be and the less stressed you will be. Here are 3 genius wedding tips that will make things a little better and easier for you.

The Request a Song Option

On your RSVP cards, add a small line where guests can request a song to hear at the reception. This will allow you to prepare the DJ when it comes to the requested songs list. It makes things easier on you and your DJ, plus your guests will get to hear their favorite songs! It doesn’t take much room or effort to add this, and it’s a great time-saver for the big day.

Song Request for Wedding
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Invest in a Good Videographer

While getting pictures is important, many brides stress that a videographer is important. The day flies by and with all the excitement, it can be easy to miss and forget little details. With a video of the big day, you can revisit it and relive it any time you want. Make sure to make your videographer a priority and if you hire a student or friend to take pictures, you might want to invest in a professional videographer.

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Have Someone Else Be In Charge

Enlist help for your big day. Whether it’s your mother or your maid of honor, make sure they’re in on the plan for your wedding day. This will help you ensure that you’re having a great time and that you don’t have to take care of everything yourself.

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These 3 genius tips will help your day be a success and take a lot of the stress from your shoulders!

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