Flower Girl Alternatives for Your Wedding Ceremony

Many brides have a slew of young relatives standing in line to be the flower girl, but many have no younger relatives that can act as the flower girl for them. No worries, because there are a ton of cute flower girl alternatives you can do for your wedding ceremony.

Flower Petal Designs

Rather than having a flower girl toss flower petals down the aisle, decorate your aisle with flower petals. You can do abstract shapes, hearts or whatever you want. The effect is charming and it’s a great alternative to having a flower girl.

Flower Petal Decor

Photo Source: michaels.com

Flower Petal Decor

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Flower Petal Aisle Decor

Photo Source: lifewithdirection.blogspot.ca

Boy Announcers

If you don’t have younger girl relatives but you have a number of younger boy relatives, let them stand in. Rather than tossing flower petals, they can carry a banner that says “here comes the bride,” which is an adorable way to announce the coming of the bride. It’s also a perfect alternative for families with no young girls.

Sign Bearer

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Sign Bearer

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Sign Bearer

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Alternative to Flower Petals

If you want to have a flower girl but don’t want her to toss flower petals for whatever reason, there are a few great alternatives. Have your flower girl carry a beautiful wand down the aisle, or have her dance down the aisle. You can even give her a little bouquet to carry down the aisle.

Flower Girl Wands

Photo Source: melissamusgrove.com

Flower Girl Heart Wand

Photo Source: etsy.com

Flower Girl Bouquet

Photo Source: heatherscharfphotography.com

Just remember, it’s your wedding and you can change up tradition however you’d like. All of these are suitable alternatives for the traditional flower girl role.

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