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Top 5 Most Popular Bridal Registry Stores

Your bridal registry is a wonderful way for guests to know what you need and want, so they can purchase a gift you’ll love. You probably already have a few stores in mind that you’d like to register with. Let’s … Continue reading

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Wedding Dresses for the Full-Figured Bride

If you’re nervous to choose a wedding dress because you think they’re all made for petite, model-skinny women, you’re worrying for no reason! There are gorgeous dresses made to fit full-figured brides as well. Here are a few choices of … Continue reading

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Handmade Rose Petal Holders: Rice-Throwing Alternative

Many brides have their guests blow bubbles or toss bird seed instead of throwing rice. Another great idea is to have your guests throw rose petals. With these beautiful handmade holders, you can create a wedding décor element as well … Continue reading

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When to Create Your Wedding Website

Savvy brides know how important the wedding website is, but when is it “too early” or “too late” to create one? This guide explains the perfect time to create a wedding website so that it’s very helpful to you as … Continue reading

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10 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know about Weddings around the World

Most weddings are full of superstitions that have been turned into tradition; the groom not seeing his bride in her dress until the wedding, tucking a sixpence in the bride’s shoe, etc. However, these certainly aren’t the strangest wedding traditions … Continue reading

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Beautiful Winter Wedding Theme Ideas

While many brides are enamored by the thought of being married in the summer, the winter is a magical time to hold a wedding ceremony and reception. There are unique themes that work best during the winter, and if you … Continue reading

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5 Helpful Wedding Books for Every Bride

Wedding planning can be stressful and if you’re not going to hire a wedding planner, it’s important to get advice and help from other means. These 5 books can be helpful for wedding planning – from the first step to … Continue reading

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Making Your Own Elegant Wedding Invitations: It Is Possible

If you’ve been dying to create something all on your own for your wedding, this is a wonderful idea. You can create elegant and beautiful handmade wedding invitations for your guests. It’s important to price the materials to determine whether … Continue reading

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Over the Top Celebrity Wedding Cakes

As you plan your wedding, there will be moments when you wonder if you’re going a little too far; have you ordered too many wedding favors or is there too much tulle present in your wedding décor? While deciding where … Continue reading

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