What to Do When Your Wedding Dress Isn’t Making the Cut

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we find the dream dress for our big day only to find it’s not quite making the cut after all. Here are some tips for what to do if you need to make a last-minute change in your wedding ensemble wardrobe.

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It might sound like a bride’s worst nightmare, but every bride should know what to do when their wedding dress isn’t making the cut after all. So much time, effort, and money goes into selecting the dream dress, but that doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong. Whether you fell victim to an impulse buy or you settled for a gown that wasn’t really your style to begin with, there are ways to tackle those last-minute dress disasters that sometimes strike before the big day.

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Whatever your situation, here is what to do if your wedding dress isn’t making the cut:

Talk to your seamstress—The very first thing to do if your wedding dress isn’t making the cut is to make an appointment to meet with your seamstress. This can be done at your next fitting or you can request a special appointment. Either way, try on the gown with your seamstress present. If you’re not crazy about the fit, length, or a certain design feature, a professional might be able to alter your dress at the last minute. Just be prepared to pay a pretty penny for drastic, last-minute changes.

Bridal Gown Alterations

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Explore your return or exchange options—This is an obvious course of action, but it’s not always a realistic one. If your gown is already purchased and altered to fit you, the possibility of returning or exchanging your gown won’t be an option. This is usually outlined in your sales contract. However, if you’re still early on in the dress fitting process, it never hurts to ask your sales consultant to find out what your options are at the last minute.

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Find an alternative—When your wedding dress isn’t making the cut and your wedding day is fast approaching, one option is to seek a convenient, affordable alternative. No need to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on another dress. If your budget is spent and you really hate your dress, consider a rental from a small local boutique or check out the off-the-rack sections for sale gowns that can be cleaned up and altered at the last minute.

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You might not find your dream dress this way and you might take a huge financial hit, but when your dress isn’t making the cut and you’re between a rock and a hard place, finding an alternative can save the day.

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