4 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Many brides simply pick a color they love and use that to base their wedding colors on. However, many brides have a hard time choosing a color palette just from a favorite color. Using these tips can help you determine exactly which colors to use and how to pick them.

1. Choose a Favorite Flower

One great way to select your wedding color palette is to first choose a favorite flower and use that to create a charming color scheme. For instance, beautiful ranunculus with pink petals and a pale green center provides you with a gorgeous wedding color palette that is very charming.

Wedding Color Scheme

Photo Source: crazyaboutweddings.blogspot.ca

Wedding Color Ideas

Photo Source: weddingchannel.com

Wedding Colors

Photo Source: theperfectpalette.com

2. Use Seasonal Colors

If you can’t choose colors based on anything else, you can use the season of your wedding as inspiration. Fall weddings demand color palettes full of shades of crimson, orange, butter yellow, gold and amber.

Early Autumn Wedding Colors

Photo Source: nyweddingmaven.com

Fall Wedding Colors

Photo Source: wedding.allwomenstalk.com

3. Find a Favorite Photograph

If you have a favorite photo and you love the coloring, choose your wedding palette from colors within the photograph. You can also browse design-seeds.com and search through photos based on season, subject, etc. to find a beautiful palette.

Wedding Color Scheme

Photo Source: design-seeds.com

Wedding Color Scheme

Photo Source: design-seeds.com

Wedding Color Scheme

Photo Source: design-seeds.com

4.  Choose All of Your Favorite Colors

Finally, if you’re having a hard time making a decision, determine whether all of your favorite colors would look great together for a wedding palette. Sometimes, even colors that you wouldn’t normally put together can look really good.

Wedding Colors

Photo Source: modernwedding.org

Peacock Wedding Colors

Use this information to come up with a wedding color palette that you’ll adore, and one that your guests will find breathtaking.

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