Wedding Dress Ideas for Brides Who Don’t Like a Lot of Fuss

Love the idea of a pretty, feminine wedding gown but don’t want all of the fuss? Here are some wedding dress ideas for brides who prefer to keep things simple without compromising style.

There are plenty of wedding dress ideas for brides who don’t like a lot of fuss. Whether you could care less about all of the fluff and frilly materials or you still want a princess gown but don’t want a high maintenance dress, there are wedding dress ideas to suit every bride and every preference.

While many brides prefer to keep things simple, they still want something stylish and chic. Here are some wedding dress ideas that give you both fashion and comfort:

Mermaid-style dresses—Mermaid-style wedding gowns don’t work for every body type, but they definitely offer a nice alternative to brides who want a dress that is sleek and sophisticated without a lot of heavy material or a long train. Many mermaid gowns are made of satin or taffeta for a formal look, but they are tight-fitting and don’t have full princess skirts or long trains.

Cocktail dresses—Cocktail and tea-length dresses are perhaps the most informal dress styles to choose from, but they are some of the best wedding dress ideas for brides who don’t like a lot of fuss. Most cocktail-style dresses hit just at the knee or are floor length and are made of very thin material, such as chiffon.

Floor-length dresses with no trains—Formal gowns with no trains offer the best wedding dress ideas for brides who want the best of both worlds—comfort and beauty. With a floor-length gown, you get the formality and elegance of a traditional wedding gown, but without all of the hassle that accompanies a traditional gown.

You can find styles made of all kinds of material, and with all sorts of cuts. There are satin gowns that are strapless, chiffon gowns that have cap sleeves, and brocade A-line styles with boat-neck necklines.  If you’re struggling to find a gown that is functional and stylish without the hassle, try a floor-length gown with no train or one of the other wedding dress ideas mentioned here.

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