Three Things Your Bridal Party Won’t Tell You

You might be best friends with your bridal party members, but that doesn’t mean your bridesmaids and groomsmen will tell you exactly what they think—especially when it comes to your wedding day.

Many couples are so focused on choosing their bridal party members and dictating all of the requirements and tasks to them that they forget the bridal party members have feelings, too. This is often where the term “Bridezilla” comes in, right? It’s not uncommon for busy, nervous brides to get flustered during the wedding planning process (and on the big day) and disregard the bridal party’s feelings. While couples can’t cater to every single bridesmaid and groomsman, it helps to be aware of problems that arise for the bridal party and how to tackle them.

Here are three things your bridal party won’t tell you and what you can do to handle the bumps in the road:

They’re broke. This doesn’t apply to everyone, of course. However, many bridesmaids and groomsmen fear committing to participating in a bridal party because they’re unable to pay for the required expenses. Others know they cannot pay for the expenses but agree to be in the party anyway because they care about you and want to be there for your special day. Help them out by giving them a little list of expenses that explains which ones they’ll be responsible for and which ones will be provided out of courtesy (if you can afford to do so).

They won’t wear their dress, tux or (insert any outfit here) ever again. Don’t be offended if you never hear or see your maid of honor or best man wear their dress or tux again after your wedding day. Chances are it’s not their style in the first place, or they downright hate it. Whatever the reason, it’s not personal. Just thank them kindly for wearing your choice in attire and don’t bring it up again unless they do.

They don’t want to spend the entire wedding day with the other bridal party members. Although many bridesmaids and groomsmen are already friends or have at least been introduced to one another, don’t automatically assume they are all BFFs. Sure, they’ll likely be seated near one another during the reception and they’ll spend a lot of time together during the photo sessions, but don’t expect them to spend every second together throughout the event. Keep in mind that one bridal party member might not be crazy about the other, and try to provide opportunities for them to circulate and mingle with other guests to keep things cordial. This is something your bridal party won’t tell you, but they’ll certainly appreciate your effort.

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