The Latest Scoop on Kim Kardashian’s Fairytale Wedding

If you haven’t been following Kim’s wedding, not to worry. We have the latest scoop right here!

Kim Kardashian’s fairytale wedding to Kris Humphries is anything but secret. Surprisingly, most of the details have been leaked by none other than the bride-to-be herself. Despite Kim spilling the beans on a lot of details, it is still an event that has everyone talking, and why not? What could be more fun to discuss than a fairytale wedding of this magnitude?

Exquisite Invitations

When it was discovered that Kardashian chose Lehr & Black, the go-to for celebrity wedding invites, it became evident that the invites would be anything but ordinary! People magazine revealed that Kardashian’s invites arrived inside a box covered with jet black hematite crystals. The actual invites, found inside the box, featured a black and white color scheme.

Venue and Decorations

Word has it that Kim Kardashian’s fairytale wedding will take place at the $20 million, Spanish-style mansion owned by Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Decorations are expected to fall in line with the silver, black, and white color theme of the black tie event, complete with white African roses flying in from Africa. Even guests have been instructed to arrive in either black or white so that the color scheme isn’t strayed from in the slightest way.

About the Cake

Kim’s cake will reportedly be from the same vendor her sister Khloe chose, Hansen’s Cakes in Los Angeles. After some taste testing, the couple finally decided on a 10-tiered white cake with chocolate chip icing. Black and white decorations will provide the finishing touches.

The Dress

Kardashian’s gown seems to be one of the only details kept under wraps. Previous reports indicated that she was really having a difficult time making a concrete decision, but that she definitely knew that the designer would be none other than Vera Wang, family friend and highly sought-after wedding gown designer. Speculations have emerged about the dress. Some think that the purpose of the black and white surrounding is to create an attention-grabbing effect for a colorful gown, but no one really knows for sure. Based on all of the other details, we do know that the gown for Kim Kardashian’s fairytale wedding will be anything but ordinary.

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