Flats are Where it’s at for Your Big Day

Flats of all colors and styles are perfect for your wedding ensemble. After running around all day from your ceremony to your reception, your feet will thank you!

Whether you are a tall bride or you simply want style and comfort on your wedding day, flats are the perfect shoe choice to wear with your gown. While many brides prefer a little height and some satin and sparkle with a sexy heel, flats offer superior comfort when you really need it most.

Ballerina flats are especially popular, and they are simple, elegant, and extremely comfy. Even if you don’t like the look of them, if you are wearing a floor length gown, chances are you will barely notice them anyway.

There are also plenty of funky styles, including designs with embellishments, jewels, or earthy patterns. If you want something colorful, fun, and daring, these bold flat styles can give you a little something extra underneath your white or ivory attire.

Your flat options are endless, and they are as versatile as they are stylish. So which brides should consider wearing a pair on their wedding day?

Brides who want to skip on height: If you are already tall and you fear towering over the groom and everyone else, then opt for a flat. This will be especially important when it comes time to take pictures, since you don’t want to worry about being out of proportion in pictures with those standing around you.

Brides who want long-lasting comfort: As hard as we try, we can’t pretend that heels are comfortable for very long. Even the highest-quality shoe with a sole insert can only provide comfort for so long. Considering you’ll be running around all day, and possibly dancing and meeting guests all night, wearing a flat guarantees your comfort throughout the entire event.

Brides who want back-up: You can opt to wear flats all day, but if you’d feel sexier wearing a heel and you do need some height, then consider wearing flats during the reception only. Wear heels for your ceremony and the picture taking, but pack a pair of flats to change into later for the reception.

If any of these needs apply to you, then pass on the painful heels and slip into a comfortable flat instead.

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