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2011 Wedding Trends for the Fashionista Bride

Calling all trendsetting brides! To start off the New Year, check out some of the latest wedding trends as you plan your big day.

If you have set your wedding date in 2011, it may be helpful for you to know the predicted 2011 wedding trends as being the planning process. Over the years, there has been a shift in weddings; moving from a contemporary, modern feel, toward a more nostalgic and simple feel. This trend is expected to accelerate even more in 2011.


Simple is in for 2011 wedding trends. Extravagant centerpieces, expensive flowers, and over-exaggerated decorations are a fading image of the past. Economical awareness plays a big part in this 2011 wedding trend. Mason jars used as glasses or vases represent this eco-chic style. Small and simple country flowers are also taking the stage.

Historic Nostalgia

2011 wedding trends take us back to an era where things were less hectic, less complicated, and less busy, and they have a little modern spin. Using pictures from a grandparent’s wedding, recycling a family wedding dress, and giving party favors from historical brands are great ways to create this feel of nostalgia. Additionally, long and elegant family style tables instead of round tables for the reception are all the rage.


Do-it-yourself or DIY will be another wedding trend to continue in 2011. Economical, creative, and fun, DIY wedding trends include homemade items for wedding shower gifts, invitations, decorations, centerpieces, and anything else that can be handmade. Not only does this help to cut cost and waste, but it also adds a very personal and creative touch to your wedding day.

Food and Cakes

This year, various foods and cake designs are more simple and rustic. Traditional dishes and beverages served in any creative form is a great way to keep the theme of your wedding simple. Wedding cakes, although still tall and elegant, are much more rustic-chic and a lot less modern. You’ll notice that large sugar flowers will disappear, and sugar glazed fruits will take their place instead. Butter cream will also replace fondant.

These 2011 wedding trends, along with retro and vintage gowns such as cocktail dresses or lace frocks, will be in vogue all year long.

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