The Groom’s Cake Tradition

Contemplating whether or not you should have a groom’s cake for your wedding reception? It all boils down to tradition.

A groom’s cake is an old tradition that is today considered a “new” trend in the wedding world. For some, the groom’s cake tradition never really disappeared, but instead recently reemerged as a popular wedding trend. In general, a groom’s cake is a cake that is ideally given to the groom by the bride, and it is used at the wedding reception as a secondary dessert or is put on display and eaten by the groom and his groomsmen. A groom’s cake design is usually centered around a certain personality trait of the groom, or it is based on an inside joke that the bride and groom share. While the designs and purposes vary greatly, these are typically the most common themes.

Traditionally a southern practice, giving a groom’s cake is often a fun gesture for the bride to plan for her new husband. These cakes have been around since the Victorian era in the eighteenth century and were customarily chocolate flavor or fruit cake style. Originally, a groom’s cake was not served at the wedding to all of the guests, but instead was cut by the bride and groom and then served to the bridal party. When the groom cake concept made its way to the United States (particularly in the South), it began being served in many different ways and its purposes and presentations changed as time went on.

Today groom’s cake continues to increase in popularity for a number of reasons. Although it is not an essential for your wedding day, the decision of whether or not to have one depends on your view of the tradition. If you find it appealing, it is a great way to honor your husband-to-be on your wedding day—especially when the entire day is mainly focused on the bride. It gives the groom special recognition and it is something fun he can share with his groomsmen. It is also a good way to offer an additional or alternative dessert at the wedding. The groom’s cake is a fun practice for any bride and groom, and it is a tradition that is sure to live on for centuries to come.

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