A Nature Lover’s Honeymoon Paradise

Make your way around the winding hills up to a treetop paradise where you can cuddle up under the stars as you look out over the spectacular Caribbean Sea.

The Ladera Resort in St. Lucia is a nature lover’s honeymoon paradise. It welcomes you with a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea and the Pitons, reminding you that the intimidating drive up the side of the mountain to get there was all worth it. You may have held your breath around the curves in the road as you were escorted there, but upon arriving, all is right again in the world. The rooms are akin to tree houses, virtually without walls except for the sides of the mountain that are carved to separate you from the other rooms. You have privacy, yet you are no stranger to the bats and hummingbirds that zip past you– and into your room—throughout the day and night.

For those afraid of heights and a low tolerance for all things creepy crawly, this is not the honeymoon destination for you. However, if you adore looking out over the Caribbean Sea when you wake up in the morning and you love birds perching on your kitchen counter while you make breakfast, consider this your heaven. Many of the rooms come with their own pools—yes, pools. Pools complete with waterfalls that hover over the edge of your “room’s” cliff, that is. This is one hotel that you may not want to leave once you check in. Everything that you would choose to travel to St. Lucia for is literally at your fingertips right inside your treetop oasis.

A surplus of adventurous activities awaits you on the island, including kayaking, snorkeling and diving, hiking, and a wealth of natural rainforests and waterfalls to explore. There are also gardens, sulfur springs, and authentic Caribbean cuisine galore leaving you plenty of romantic experiences to choose from.  There are also a handful of tropical photo ops that will give you tons of fabulous prints to show off to your loved ones back home. While the Ladera is not for the faint of heart, it is a spectacular tropical honeymoon destination that is adventurous, romantic, and packs in a boatload of rest and relaxation for you and your other half. If this honeymoon paradise sounds like the perfect destination for you and your nature-loving spouse, then visit Ladera.com to explore the accommodations and reserve today!

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